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Kropotkin Associates is a loose amalgam of ideas inspired by the life of one the world’s most creative anarchists – Peter Kropotkin.  He was born in 1842 in Czarist Russia and died in the Union of Soviets (USSR) in 1921.   Most of his adult life was spent in exile in Europe, particularly in England where, in the spaces between his writing, his public meetings, his political activities, his science, he enjoyed his allotment.

He was one of four children of the Count Kropotkin and his wife Katerina.  The Count owned several Estates and many hundreds of serfs.  The young Prince Peter was educated and trained to take his place within that feudal socio-political system.

As a young military officer, however, he rejected the system – the hierarchies, the injustices, the inequalities, the whole bundle.  People could do better – with a different system all people could flourish.  His vision was towards a Utopia that was without Gods, State (Government), Masters, Slaves.  He believed in authority from within the person, rather than an authority imposed from without.  To this end he devoted his life – as a scientist, a philosophic materialist, and a political activist.