A Radicalometer is a highly sophisticated leading edge cogno-neuro device for detecting physical signs of ‘radicalisation’ in any individual of neurological maturity.  Radicalisation is defined as a (relatively) immutable ‘brain state’ indicating an individual’s fundamentalist beliefs about both earthly and immortal reality.  All versions (but see below) have been field tested and have proven reliability and a 95-99% validity.

The Engerlish Homing Office is one of K.Ass’s main customers. (Testiculomonials available on request)

Radicalometers come in three versions:-

1.  Basic Model (V1)

This ground floor basic model allows for a rapid assessment of just the presence or absence of radicalisation within an individual, ideologically unspecific.   Utilising the patented kwiQphit-skull cap (pre-loaded) one-size-fits-all – the KSCplv1 – assessment can be carried out, with minimum training of the operative (less than 16 minutes) in environments that require R-Triage – for example border crossings, inlets and portals (of whatever size)  to Establishment establishments. 

2.  Basic Model + (V1+)

Same as above but  comes with additional deep virtual probe electrodes that are capable of picking up signals from, specifically, the retrosplenial cerebral cortex and the insulated planum temporale.  This enables the discrimination between types of radicalisation (ie the specific Religio-politico-socio adherence quotient  – the RePSAD-Q) to be ascertained.  All Abrahamic Faiths as well as Neo-liberal Hegamonics can be detected and quantified.  If the operative is properly trained and sensitive, EU proclivity (aka a subjugation index) can also  be assessed.

3. Advanced Model (A+V1,2)

This model incorporates the features of both Basic Models but most importantly gives a probability reading of Action Propensity.  So – long story short – with this model not only can the operative (much longer training required) determine the extent of Radicalisation, the specific nature of the Radicalisation but also the likelihood of the probability of Action (PoA).  As the present time, although the reliability of the instrument is fully attested, the validity is only reaching 50%.  More data are required which can only be gained AFTER an event has occurred.  However, the very powerful analytic engine is clearly the way to go since it offers the possibility a identifying radicals BEFORE they manifest radical behaviour.  

It is, of course, the most expensive of the three models.

For price lists please contact K.Ass.  For Internal, External and Private Security Agencies prices can be negotiated depending on quantity required and ideological soundness.