Philosophical Substrate

The Philosophical substrate of K-Ass is fully carpeted with pithy and apposite slogans which also can double up as chance for educational seminars and protest meetings.  Also useful for insomniacs when alertness begins to wane in the small hours.

Materiality is the basic route, cause and effect.  The Cartesian duality is TOTALLY REPLACED by the more advanced concept of  ‘materiality-process’.  Imagine the lubricating circulating oil in an internal combustion engine.  The oil only circulates if the engine is running.  It also gets hot and over time, dirty.  The now discredited concept of Mind can now be profitably substituted for by ‘dirty hot oil’ – that is if the individual displays evidence of sentience and consciousness.

Mental is material

Mind is process, not stuff

Knowledge trumps Ignorance

Science is a Moral Activity